SPOON 785 Bar


Freeride inspired all mountain suitable geometry makes the bar extremely versatile Rock solid in the... ..

SPOON 32 Rim


The most versatile, bombproof all-purpose rim 32 holes with an inner width of 26.5mm and... ..

SPOON 28 Rim


Durable six series alloy rim suitable for kids bikes or 24” street bikes 32 holes... ..

SPOON 32 Wheelset


Bombproof all-purpose wheelset, hand built, 32H J-hook configuration with 3-cross spoke pattern The corrugated rim... ..

SPOON 28 Wheelset


High end, extremely versatile upgrade suitable for kids bikes in 20” or 24” and street... ..

SPOON 135/150 Rear Hub XD Std Freehub


SRAM XD Standard Freehub body for SPOON 135 or SPOON 150 Rear hubs. Compatible only... ..