HEX Drive Adapters & Parts



Every element of the Spank Industries HEX DRIVE hub was scrutinized, including adaptability. All hub adapters feature a universal fit, meaning that all HEX rear hub adapters will work with all three freehub types (XD, HG & Microspline).

All HEX front hub adapters are symmetrical and therefore interchangeable from left to right side. The advantage to you - no more scrambling for extra adapters and added costs if you change from HG to Microspline or XD for example. The adapters that came with your original freehub will universally fit any other SPANK HEX DRIVE freehub.

A standard set of adapter options is included in the box as extras with all SPANK HEX DRIVE Hubs, meaning that you can adapt your hub to almost any rear dropout or suspension fork set-up that is common on the market.  For less common set-ups, spare adapters are available for purchase separately.