Full range of SPANK IND Electric Plus classified E-MTB components.
Rider: Paul Bassagoitia

E-Bike has become a firm and fixed aspect of mountain biking in recent years. And not for no reason! The truth is, electric assisted bikes, or Pedelecs, have come to make so much sense for many mountain bikers. All that extra power has turned a previously tame trail, or an ‘uphill battle’ into an entirely new level of enjoyment and skills, making all-mountain more fun and accessible for many riders. The added weight and power also result in quite a serious upper body workout, and not to mention that you end up riding even harder considering that trail legal Pedelecs require you to press on the pedals to activate the power-assist. The high of that full power boost is so addictive, you end up pedaling even more than you normally might! Now because of the added weight and torque that comes with that power, your choice of components becomes less about light-weight optimization, and more about robust components that can handle the workload. View our collection of E-MTB gear here, or look for the ‘ELECTRIC-PLUS’ icon in our SPIKE, OOZY & SPOON components to identify the wheels, hubs, pedals, bars, stems, grips and saddles that we have classified for E-MTB.


SPANK Industries classify specified components as recommended for E-MTB use by qualifying the product to our Electric Plus internal standard. EN/ISO test requirements standardize a level of product safety in the bicycle industry. Our more stringent internal test requirements, meet and exceed EN/ISO test requirements. In certain practical laboratory testing we double cycle times and increase load up to 30%. Products are then tested in the field by our professional athletes in riding situations at the highest level, such as UCI DH World Cup, Red Bull Rampage, Enduro World Series and FMB World Tour.

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