Our World Cup Champions get World Champs freshies for Lenzerheide! 

It's hard to say if the French National Team is the Commencal Vallnord Team, or if the Commencal Vallnord Team is the French National Team!

Either way, the team comprises of no less than 6 Spank Riders, namely Amaury Pierron, Remi' Thirion, Gaetan Ruffin, Thibaut Daprela, Myriam Nicole and Cecile Ravanel!

The team took delivery yesterday of their surprise new Commencal Supreme DH29 steeds.  Lets take a closer look at the SPANK Component selections the team have made.


Amoury Pierron and Myriam Nicole run the all new, full CNC Spank "Fenchy" 40 DM stem, which was developed with and for the team this season, featuring Spank "Human Factor" design, and a moderate 40mm reach. Remi Thirion selects the super short Spike 25/30 DM stem, and Thibaut Daprella is sticking with a traditional 50mm Spike Director stem. No matter your size, style or bike, Spank's got you covered.  View SPANK STEMS here.



All Riding Addiction athletes insist on Spike 800 Vibrocore handlebars, with a 30mm rise, and 4 up / 8 back geometry. Vibrocore is proven not only to reduce vibration in the cockpit allowing racers to rider longer, stronger...but also reinforces the handlebar internally enhancing ultimate strength and fatigue life. Performance, comfort and confidence are all key elements to any victory. View SPANK BARS here.



The team selects from a variety of Spank rims and wheels, including the new radially compliant Spank 350 Vibrocore, Spike Race 33, and Oozy Trail 345 profiles. Bead Bite(TM) tubeless technology keeps tires secure and pressure stable at mach speed, on even the trickiest terrain.



Spank's Spike R150/157 XD Rear and Boost 15/20 front J-hook hubs provide speed, durability, and ease of maintenance, making things easy for the team's mechanics.  View SPANK RIMS & SPANK WHEELSETS.



The end result....a perfectly tuned Commencal Supreme DH 29, looking sharp and ready to bring home the rainbow stripes to go with the team's overall championship status!


Myriam’s reaction to her World Champs build.  We think she's in love (sorry Gaetan).

Photos by © Keno Derleyn - Commencal Vallnord

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