Thomas Genon Releases 'Mist' edit as he prepares to kick off the Crankworx World Tour Slopestyle season in Rotorua this weekend.

 Photo © Bartek Wolinski


As the 2018 slopestyle season prepares to kick off at Crankworx Rotorua the world's best Slopestyle riders are beginning to emerge from the long, cold nights of winter. Like most others, Thomas Genon spent the off-season training – or as Tommy G says: ‘Just riding my bike, like I would normally do anyway.’

If he’s not riding though, Tommy G has his shovel in his hand and digs. To show what he had been up to, the French Stylemaster invited Harrison Mendel, Nic Genovese and Bartek Wolinski to his training compound north of Montpellier to check out some of the ‘yard work’ he'd just finished.


Photo © Bartek Wolinski


Shot at dawn this "at home" film project was an atmospheric, alternative approach to shooting the 'traditional' slopestyle action clip.


 Photo © Bartek Wolinski


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