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Responsible alternatives to carbon fiber.

SPANK Industries is one of very few brands of its size in the world, with in-house design, development and manufacturing of our complete line of unique and exclusive components. We do not outsource the manufacture of our designs to industrial scale factories. From delivery of the highest quality raw materials, we actually manufacture our product ourselves.


SPANK Industries leads the charge in the move toward responsible production of safe, high performance carbon fiber alternatives. Utilising the endless lifecycle of aluminium, our proprietary alloy blends offer superior mechanical properties resulting in stronger rims and reduced weight through optimized design.
SPANK Industries has made a concerted effort to develop safe and affordable alternatives to the excessive use of carbon fiber in the bicycle manufacturing industry.


Unlike standard recycled alloy mixes, Dynamal is a dynamically aged highly magnesium-silicon enriched, pure alloy, which is blended with a special “secret” hardening metal. Compared to statically aged traditional alloy types, Dynamal shows a significant further increase in ultimate tensile strength and yield, without the normal reductions in fatigue life.



Our WC DH Race Teams and our most hard core Big Mountain Freeriders are running SPANK’s Dynamal Alloy rims in the choice against carbon fiber. SPANK is a brand with equal parts technology and product innovations, as it has heart and commitment to MTB. As part of this committment, we are a founding member of The Earthball Riders Foundation - a diverse collective of bicycle brands, designers, manufacturers and riders who aim to challenge the way the industry and the consumer looks at materials and manufacturing practices.



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  • Terry C

    It"s great to see a company that cares about the environmental impact of making bike parts. I live in Northern California where the impacts of environment change is being seen and felt! With the historical temps and forests burning here, I feel it’s more important than ever that we all do what we can to protect the environment and use renewable resources.
    We are loosing some great riding places due to all the forest fires here.
    Big thanks to Spank for trying to make a difference.

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