SPANK Spike 350 Vibrocore™ review by MTBR

"Bombproof wheels with unique vibration damping technology"



MTBR’s Take

Based solely on the caliber of riders using the Spank Spike 350 Vibrocore wheels in competition, it’s hard not to put some credence into the company’s claims of durability and performance. Spank Factory Race Team riders Remi Thirion, Myriam Nicole, and Thibaut Ruffin, and Spank Factory Freeride Team members Ethan Nell, Darren Berrecloth, and Sam Reynolds have all given them the thumbs up — and put their necks on the line while barreling downhill fast with these wheels beneath them.


Darren Berrecloth dropping in at Rampage on a set of SPIKE 350 Vibrocore™ Wheels.


“The first time I used them was straight in at the deep end on the massive jumps at DarkFEST,” recalled Reynolds. “I had some sideways landings so violent I was sure they were going to explode, but they kept on going straight and true — and the tires never burped off.”


Ditto was our experience for the most part, though we obviously didn’t push them anywhere near as hard as any of the riders mentioned above.

Bottom line, while it’s tough to absolutely isolate and quantify wheel performance, the Spank Spike 350 Vibrocore hoops certainly delivered on their promise of durability and tubeless tire security. And while they’re not quite as quick on climbs or popping out of corners as some stiffer alloy wheels, they carry speed well, while delivering a smooth and controlled ride.


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