SPANK launches new saddles and grips for 2018


Spank Oozy 220 Saddles

Spank Spike 160 Saddles


Trail inspired and designed to support the rider equally well on uphill and downhill, while still facilitating manoeuvrability on and off the saddle, The OOZY 220 saddle features a slight kick-up in the back for uphill, and added lower back support. The form includes design considerations that optimize padding and comfort in the sit bones zone, where riders (men and women), typically experience the most discomfort and pinched nerves which lead to numbness and pain. Adaptive edges in high friction areas, also contour to rider’s personal shape and movement.

The ‘Human Factor’ grip pattern on the saddle upper has been designed to offer forward-backward, as well as sideways anti-slip where needed, and avoid unwanted friction where it counts.

The saddle is available from early 2018 at a MSRP of 74.90

The OOZY 220’s slimmer sibling, the SPIKE 160 enjoys all the design considerations of the OOZY 220, but is streamlined for Race applications and Freeride.



Also new, a completely redesigned single-lock grip with an ergonomic bar end design.

The Human Factor design principle in our new grips addresses multi-directional slide in a smooth, low profile tread. Vibration damping is maximized without the negative feeling of float. Tapered ends ensure comfort for the extended little finger when hands are positioned at the bar extremities for maximum leverage and control.

With a suggested MSRP of USD/EUR 25.90, the grips will be available early 2018 and will be followed by the addition of the ‘plusher’ OOZY 33 Grips later in the year.

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