SPANK Pedals consistently feature top of the charts

What Do Riders Think? 10 Flat Pedals Reviewed by Vital MTB Members and SPANK’s OOZY and SPIKE Flat pedals come out Top 10.


Spank SPIKE Race Pedals:

"Well worth the money! I ride only on flats and my feet have never been so happy. The grip is amazing, and the size and low profile make mashing on the pedals standing, or grinding in the saddle way safer feeling since they don't flip. I should also mention that I weigh in at 220 lbs and tend to destroy pedals. These have held up so well during many rock impacts where I was sure I would have bent the axle or at the very least killed some pins, but aside from some deep gouges in the chamfered edges they are no worse for wear."

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Spank OOZY Trail Pedals:

"My favorite thing about these pedals is how large the platform is while also maintaining such a slim profile. I rarely have pedal strikes with these pedals and when they do happen the shape of the pedal allows them to deflect the blow nicely. These pedals have a good amount of grip, are tough, have a large platform, a slim profile, and a decent weight. What more could you ask for?"

VitalMTB Average User Rating: 



"Lightweight and tough, the Spank Oozy Trail is arguably the lowest profile pedal we’ve tested with the least potential for harmful rock strikes."

MBR Rating: 8/10




A pedal for every occassion

SPANK engineers race-winning pedals that not only outstrip the competition on and off the track, but also look damn good!


SPIKE Race Pedal

Developed for strength and durability, this race and freeride pedal can take the punch.


OOZY Trail Pedal

A super slim 12mm, weight optimized trail pedal designed for maximized clearance.



Versatile bombproof pedal in 3 platform sizes perfect for men, women and kids.



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