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DarkFEST 2018 - Proudly supported by SPANK

With undeniably the most incredible course ever built for a Freeride event, DarkFEST absolutely lit up in 2018. No stranger to pushing the limits of the sport, Sam Reynolds dreamt up a whole new concept to the event this year, with a completely new location at the newly founded Hellsend Dirt Compound in Stellenbosch, South Africa.


With his co-conspirators Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela, they dreamt up a dirt playground to rival the biggest courses seen in the Freeride world. Taking a natural approach to following the line of the mountain and building into the already impressive contours of the hill face, the course offered something for every one of the 12 invited riders to turn it up.


Rider - Sam Reynolds

Opening with a winding 3-part shark fin line, before dropping over a road-gap, brings you to the approach to the 90 footer, which pushed each rider to his limits. Then straight into a long and low 55 footer that had to be scrubbed.

Rider - Sam Reynolds

After this, the run up to the hip flings the riders almost over the edge of the mountain, reaching heights of up to 6 metres over the lip.

Rider - Ethan Nell

No rest before the riders drop in the super steep landing of the second road gap and hurtled down at speeds of over 70kph to take on the 27 foot almost vertical Step Up.

Rider - Sam Reynolds, flip no-hander from the step up.

Wind was a constant battle through the week, with sessions being called off due to the unfavourable conditions, but when the sessions were on, the boys were going full beast mode into each part of the course and pushing the limits of what they thought possible.
Stand outs from the week were Adolf Silva, who was the first to flip over the 90 footer closely followed by Clemens Kaudela, who followed his flip and backed it up with a huge 450 over the hip, and SPANK Freeride Pro Ethan Nell who stamped his signature moto-style steeze all over every feature the course could throw at him.

ethan_nell_spank_industries ethan_nell_spank_industries

Ethan Nell

Competition day saw the boys completely turn it up for the 1000 strong crowd, who bought their tickets and climbed the mountain to witness some of the best Freeriding that has ever gone down in South Africa.

SPANK Freeride Pro's Nicholi Rogatkin and Sam Reynolds both received rider honours with Rogatkin taking the Best Trick with a mind-blowing Cash Roll on the Step Up that was voted by all the riders while Reynolds had the Best Whip to win the Spank Whip-Off over the 90 foot Beast to win the goods.

Rider - Nicholi Rogatkin

Nico Vink had the best flow with the overall Best Style award going his way and after all his hard work admitted that the course was a “a dream come true.”

Rider - Nico Vink

Words by Eric Palmer.  Photos by Ale Di Lullo.


We are hugely proud of our SPANK Freeride Factory Team Sam Reynolds, Ethan Nell, and Nicholi Rogatkin.  Visit link below to view their DarkFEST Bike Builds.

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Watch the crews build videos:

 POV Course Preview:

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