It’s no secret that rental bikes have the hardest life any bike could be subjected to! Ask any brand if they want in on a bike park rental fleet deal, and most will answer “Hell No! It’s not worth the service, replacement and warranty nightmare!” SPANK INDUSTRIES is not among the scared or wary.

The SPANK claim to ‘bombproof’ is earned not only in controlled lab tests and pro DH & Freeride athlete testing, but maybe most noteworthy, through years of well-earned stripes surviving bike park fleets!







In two years, on over 800 cockpit and pedal sets:

Damaged Bar replacements: 4
Damaged Pedal Replacements: 2
Warranty Cases: 0


SPANK bars, stems and pedals have been specified on the official GT rental fleet at Whistler Mountain Bike Park for two years now.  Over that period, a total of over 800 rental and park guide bikes have been spec’d with a variety of Spike and Oozy pedals, Spike and Oozy Vibrocore™ bars, as well as Spoon parts on the mini-shredder rental fleet. 

That’s a TONNE of gear to commit to the rigors of bike park abuse!  We’re happy to report – the renters have not managed to beat us into submission!  These stats speak for themselves.




Anyone who has ever invested in a bike park pass knows that the nature of the beast is to eek every last minute of riding out of your day. It’s quite normal, regardless of skill level, to do a solid 8 hours in the saddle on bike park runs in a day. And that’s perhaps where ‘life behind bars’ takes on another meaning. Hand and arm fatigue can put a rude stop to your bike park experience.

That’s where SPANK’s Vibrocore™ technology is simply the only answer for bike park fleets. The vibration reducing foam core is proven to reduce the effects of hand-arm numbness and fatigue, and also add comfort and riding time to those suffering from arm-pump. - Read more here


“Bike Park riding distills your equipment down to its base elements. Though I’m on a completely new platform this summer the most significant change is the handlebar technology I’m using. Spank’s Vibrocore™ bars offer something I have never experienced before with their vibration dampening capabilities.  The bars eliminate the small bump frequency that suspension just can’t dampen, particularly as the trails see tons of traffic and the inevitable braking bumps occur. The proof is in the lack of jackhammer hand and sore elbows this summer so far.”
Brian Finestone - PARKS Manager, Whistler Blackcomb





The full range of SPANK wheels have done their time and earned their dues on the European Bike Park rental fleets of VALLNORD BIKE PARK, and WINTERBURG BIKE PARK. THE COMMENCAL Rental fleet at Vallnord is spec’d with both SPIKE and OOZY wheels.


“Vallnord Bike park is very demanding on equipment. The rental fleet customers range from beginners to experts, and this gives us a global idea of product performance in various situations. We run the Spike Race 33 and Oozy 395+ wheels on our rental fleet and we are impressed to say we have not had a single problem in a full season.”

Dinh H. Nguyen - Rental Fleet Manager, Commencal Spot Vallnord


Tom Prochazka has designed, built, and of course, test ridden, more bike park lines across this planet than everybody else in the business put together.


“I have been riding Spank rims for quite a few years now and I love them. They stand up to the abuse I put them through riding around Whistler and many other places in North America. The rims stay true and I never flat even though I like to run low pressure for better grip. My favorite trails/lines are old school gnar which is not always friendly to rims. A lot of our riding is far away from civilization and deep in the woods where a broken rim can mean a long walk out or the mosquitoes will feast on you as you are fixing a flat. Spank rims are a pleasure to ride and always get me home safely.”

Tom Prochazka - Bike Park Developer, Gravity Logic Inc.




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