350 VIBROCORE™ WHEELS tested & reviewed by Simon Silver, MTB MAG


Tire pressure, tubeless and ride performance reviewed by MTB Mag.



On vibration damping:

“in the truly chattery sections, it’s definitely a smoother ride then the average aluminum/steel spoked wheel set”
“the Vibrocore™ wheels are noticeably smoother when riding in a bike park, and/or rough and rocky conditions”

On lateral stiffness & torsional strength:

“immediately noticed increased stiffness in corners”

On wheel build, quality, performance, tire pressure & tubeless:

“After a good amount of hard riding, we haven’t yet found the need to tension the spokes, or make any adjustments from how they came right out of the box.”
“The reasonable weight combined with being set up tubeless, proved for a lighter, and faster bike, increasing the manoeuvrability in the air, and over technical trail.”
“It was our first time riding large jumps on a tubeless setup, and though a bit worried at first, the BeadBite Anti-burp technology combined with a higher tire pressure made for smooth and issue free jumping.”

On price, durability & carbon comparison:

“Our summary of the Vibrocore™ 350 wheel set is that you’ll find a smooth ride, near the level of what you’d find from carbon rims, but at a cheaper, and arguably more durable level. If you break carbon, more often than not it’s quite catastrophic, whereas for freeride and DH use, these wheels will likely survive some dents, and flat spots, while remaining structurally sound.”





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