350 VIBROCORE™ WHEELS tested & reviewed by Simon Lacey, Ride.IO

“It’s definitely fair to say that Spank industries are not a company to mess about with pointless gimmicky ideas. They are serious industry players.”



On lateral stiffness & torsional strength & vibration damping:

“I suffer with excruciating Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (Arm Pump). From over 25 years of motocross racing.”
“Incredibly and definitely to my surprise, there is no doubt whatsoever that the Spike wheelset changes how the bike feels. It was noticeable within the first 40 seconds of my first run of the day.”
“on the basis of a dozen or so downhill runs on a bunch of tracks I know like the proverbial back of my hand, that Vibrocore™ absolutely bloody works. It does what Spank says it will do. It removes that low frequency buzz, softens out those vibrations and makes riding high-speed rough stuff particularly, so much more bearable and easier to attack.”


On price, durability & overall performance:

“As a good wheelset goes they tracked, skipped and rolled effortlessly. They are a bloody good wheelset. They are lively and precise and much like other spank wheelsets we have used in the past they feel better than their price-point would suggest. Likewise we have no reason to expect them to be anything other than bomproof.”






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