350 VIBROCORE™ WHEELS tested & reviewed by Ewan Turner, IMB

The science is sound and the feeling is good.




On lateral stiffness & torsional strength & vibration damping:

“the overall feel can be likened to a riding a slightly looser, or softer built wheel, with the precision of a stiff wheel”
“it holds it's line and feels plenty stiff under power, yet there is something, a little calmer, perhaps a little less noise through my hands”
“The advantages of Vibrocore are definitely noticeable and add an extra level of comfort and compliance to a stiff, strong and precise wheelset.”


On lateral stiffness & torsional strength:

“The wheels are stiff and tight with a precision feel on the trail, and certainly noticeable against cheaper wheels.”
“Normally one would expect a stiffer wheel to give a harsher ride, but not with the Vibrocore.”


On wheel build, quality, performance, tire pressure & tubeless:

“what we have from Spank is another high-quality set of wheels”
“Tubeless tires were mounted easily and the wide rim holds large volume tires well.”
“the 30mm width is a great sweet spot for getting a range of tires to work well”
“Spokes have stayed stiff and true.”


On price, durability & carbon comparison:

“There is no doubt that the rim is robust to impacts, and smashing rock gardens felt appropriate and so far not a ding has occurred despite my best (or worst) efforts.”
“With little weight penalty, combined with a wheel that would be competitive even without the Vibrocore technology, it's easy to stop being cynical and just ride them.”
“This isn't some super expensive carbon composite with supposed healing powers or magnetic resonance. The science is sound and the feeling is good.”
“It's refreshing to get some new technology that doesn't cost the earth and have benefits that can be felt by a normal rider.”






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