CNC chamfered leading edges and unbeatable grip
in a slim profile, wide platform, superior grip pedal.

Design - Manufacture - Ride


Fratelli Industries
SPIKE Pedals
SPIKE Pedals MSRP 119.00 US$ / 119.00 €
OOZY Trail Pedals
OOZY Trail Pedals MSRP 129.00 US$ / 129.00 €
SPOON 90 Pedals
SPOON 90 Pedals MSRP 95.00 US$ / 94.90 €
SPOON 100 Pedals
SPOON 100 Pedals MSRP 95.00 US$ / 94.90 €
SPOON 110 Pedals
SPOON 110 Pedals MSRP 95.00 US$ / 94.90 €



Micro grain refinement processed alloys.

Micro Grain Refinement - Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. SPANK uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods which further improve grain size consistency and orientation, and significantly reduce grain size beyond that of our competitors. No other bars or rims are subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as those offered by SPANK. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughness, and ductility ... meaning confidence, comfort and safety.

Super-6 Alloy

SPANK proprietary blended enriched alloy.

Super-6 Aluminum is a specially blended, highly magnesium-silicon enriched, work hardened alloy. Super-6 offers the perfect mix of hardness, yield, fatigue life, and a superior ultimate tensile strength to standard 6 series alloys. It is ideal for the creation of thin walled, super stiff handlebars. Through recent adoption of Super-6 materials, SPANK’s SPIKE, SUBROSA, and OOZY handlebars are now stronger, and show greater resistance to deformation than ever before!