SPOON 28-20 Rim

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Specs :

Key Technologies :
Bead Nip
Material :
MGR 6 Series Alloy
Size (in.) :
Weight (g) :
Hole Count :
Inner / Outer Width :
23 / 28
Valve :
A/V Schrader
Tubeless :
Not recommended
Finish :
Shotpeen anodized, laser logos
ERD (mm++):
ETRTO (mm):
Discipline :
Colors :

Description :

Performance hoops purpose-built for kids! SPANK Industries’ SPOON 28-20 rims are the perfect solution to upgrade your kid’s MTB.  Manufactured from light yet durable 6-series alloy, the SPOON 28-20 rim is a safe, strong, performance enhancing hoop, with a moderate width that accepts most 20” tires. Unlike the majority of 20” rims on the market, SPOON 28-20 rims were designed specifically for junior shredders on 20” mountain bikes. 

Oozy 345 Trail

The technology behind this product


Improved tire fit.

Another secret of SPANK’s patented OohBah™ profile, is our double BeadNip™ technology. The OohBah™ patent includes the addition of a second set of “nips” on the inner tube well which ensures that the tire always remains in the bead-seat, even when riding at minimal air pressures. With SPANK’s OohBah™ patented rims, you can ride the tires you want, at the pressure you want, on any terrain …with far less fear of flats!

Traditional rim designs include only one set of bead hooks on the vertical walls or rim flanges. The vertical hooks are crucial for tire retention. Without the bead hooks, the bead can slip inwards, leading to snake bites (pinch flats). In tubeless applications, BeadNip™ also acts to trap the bead, preserving the seal between tire and rim, enhancing air pressure longevity and reducing annoying “burps”.


Micro grain refinement processed alloys.

Micro Grain Refinement - Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. SPANK uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods which further improve grain size consistency and orientation, and significantly reduce grain size beyond that of our competitors. No other bars or rims are subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as those offered by SPANK. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughness, and ductility ... meaning confidence, comfort and safety.