OOZY Boost F15 Hub

MSRP 119.00 US$ / 119.00 €

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Specs :

Material :
CNC optimized forged alloy hub body, alloy axle
Configuration (mm) :
15x110 Boost, SLS Straight Pull
Weight (g):
Hole Count:
Disc Mount :
Adaptors Included (mm) :
Adaptors Available(mm) :
Finish :
Polish anodized, laser logos
Colors :

Description :

SPANK's new OOZY Boost F15 Hubs are a huge step forward in straightpull hub design and manufacturing. The OOZY Boost F15 hub has unique oversized straightpull flanges, and a 32H configuration, which vastly improve contact and support between spokes in a 3 cross lacing, offering added spoke strength, wheelset stiffness, and spoke torque retention never before seen in straightpull designs. Wide spaced SSL (single spoke length) flanges deliver ultimate ease and convenience of maintenance. The Oozy Trail Boost system is specific to 15x110mm forks, and not compatible with other standards. SPANK brings you the best of both worlds, ground breaking design features in a 32H straightpull front hub for your new Boost fork, at a great price.