September, 2016

Spank Pro Sam Reynolds and his iconic superman

SPANK Pro Sam Reynolds and his iconic superman (Photo Credit: Mitch Cheek)


The world’s most extreme mountain bike event is set for 14 October with just shy of 25% of the field comprising SPANK Riders.

Of the 21 pre-qualified and wild card riders announced for the 2016 Red Bull Rampage, SPANK Pro’s Darren Berrecloth (CAN), Sam Reynolds (GBR), Thomas Genon (BEL), Pierre-Edouard Ferry (FRA) and James Doerfling (CAN), are in! They are joined by Spank Pro’s Louis Reboul (FRA), as an alternate, as well as builders Alex Volokhov (CAN), Jeremy Stowards (CAN) and Mitch Cheek (CAN). The Spank ‘Band of Bros.’ usher in a ‘year of reckoning’ for Spank’s 2017 Freeride commitment. This core team is joined by Paul Bassagoitia, Brett Tippie, Garret Buehler, Brendan Howey, Bernardo Cruz, and Mark Matthews in what is arguably the most heavyweight Freeride crew in the industry this season.

Keep your eye on the Spank social media channels for news of line build edits from the Band of Bros. that we will be dropping in the days leading up to the final on 14 October.

To our Band of Bros. heading out into Virgin, Utah for the most epic Freeride event known to mankind – Go HUGE boys!

Other 2017 Freeride events that will see some serious Spank Band of Bros. action include Pure Darkness, Fest Series, Red Bull Sky Gate and Suzuki Nine Knights. Spank places huge value on the individual roles our Freeride Band of Bros. play in progressive Freeride. The freedom to explore and express is the true definition of Freeride. Kudos to the Bros. for constantly driving it further, and bigger year in and year out.

Let gravity prevail!